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Mentorships for Audacious Minds – Edition 7

An invitation to myriad artistic interventions and dialogues has been issued by the mentoring programme “Forecast”, which promotes the transdisciplinary exchange of forward-looking artistic ideas on an international scale. The festival, the pinnacle of the programme’s sixth edition, takes place from 17. to. 18 April at Radialsystem.

Symbolbild Menschen vor einer Bühne
Symbolbild Menschen vor einer Bühne © AHOJ!

The festival presents six new projects that have been created over the past ten months by film artists, performers, musicians, and creative thinkers in collaboration with their internationally renowned mentors. Performances, installations, and film works will be presented throughout the building, as well as invited to discussions and workshops. Each of the projects has been developed over a period of ten months in regular exchange between the mentees and their respective mentors.

Mentees & Mentors

„An Anthology of Glances“: Mia Štark (Mentee) & Ana Prvački (Mentor)Artist Mia Štark's performative piece An Anthology of Glances probes, using humor and a taste for the absurd, the importance of changing perspectives.


„The Marblous Four“: Hamza Baig (Mentee) und Daliso Chaponda (Mentor)Hamza Baig is developing a web series, The Marblous Four, centered on an unlikely superhero in a Pakistani village.


„Expanded Magic“: Tom Cassani (Mentee) und Florentina Holzinger (Mentor)Performer Tom Cassani is expanding the limits of magic as an embodied performance in Expanded Magic.


„What Humans See as Blood, Jaguars See as Chicha“: Luciana Decker Orozco (Mentee) und Laura Huertas Millán (Mentor)Luciana Decker Orozco is exploring storytelling about deities, sacred objects, and spaces in the Andes with a film project titled What Humans See as Blood, Jaguars See as Chicha.


„Purgatoire (Cinema that Kills)“: Alexis Guillier (Mentee) und Alia Ibrahim (Mentor)Alexis Guillier is researching a deadly accident on a 1968 Lebanese film set in project Purgatoire (Cinema that Kills).


„鳳殞 (Sorrow of the Phoenix)“: Peny Chan (Mentee) und Rully Shabara (Mentor)Performer Peny Chan's project seeks to experiment with and deconstruct the style of the Peking Opera.
Additional information
Forecast is a project by Skills e. V. in cooperation with Radialsystem.

Forecast is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and is a member of the Future Architecture Platform.


Media partners: taz. die tageszeitung, tip Berlin, Rausgegangen, Exberliner, Digital in Berlin, Neural Magazin and CLOT Magazin.

Programm Friday

Florentina Holzinger (Mentorin)Tom Cassani (Mentee)

Ana Prvački (Mentorin)Mia Štark (Mentee)


Programme Saturday

Laura Huertas Millán (Mentorin)Luciana Decker Orozco (Mentee)

Alia Ibrahim (Mentorin)Alexis Guillier (Mentee)

Daliso Chaponda (Mentor)Hamza Baig (Mentee)

Rully Shabara (Mentor)Peny Chan (Mentee)

The full programme can soon be found at:
Radialsystem V
Radialsystem V