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The exhibition presents 50 original posters and reproductions created between 1957 and 2016, developed by more than 20 graphic designers.

On display are extraordinary posters with which outstanding Japanese graphic designers convey the importance of eating in an original way.

Divided into five sections, the interconnections between people and the food of our time are depicted:
  • "The Harmony of Ingredients"
  • "Drinks as a motif"
  • "Food for pleasure"
  • "The atmosphere of eating"
  • "Food as a motive".
Social problems are thematized and numerous representations of food are shown, reflecting a certain feeling of the times. Since graphic design is inseparable from human everyday life and society, it reflects not only the image of people towards food, but life as a whole.

All the works are from the collection of the DNP Foundation for Cultural Promotion in Tokyo, which was established in 2008 and is one of the largest printing houses in the world.