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Little ones can also discover a lot in the “Big Cinema” exhibition. Together, the participants follow in the footsteps of Paula Popcorn: She shows film posters where everyone can marvel, listen, play and draw. There is also a lot to see on the posters: from houses that are stacked like building blocks to crazy comics to wild animals.

Two family tours take place one after the other. The first (2 p.m.) is tailored to smaller children up to 10 years old, the second (3:30 p.m.) to children between 10 and 15 years old.

Participation is free with an exhibition ticket, no registration required.
Additional information
Meeting point: Vor dem roten Vorhang

Price info: 0 € mit gültigem Ausstellungsticket (bis 18 Jahre Eintritt frei)

Price: €0.00