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Painting on Ceramics: Grita Götze, Heidi Manthey, Sonngard Marcks

With its exhibition, Schloss Köpenick is turning its attention to ceramic painting. In this context, maiolica and faience pottery from the Renaissance and the Baroque era will be placed in a dialogue with contemporary works.

Grita Götze, Vase „Kapuzinerkresse“, Detail, 2019, Keramik mit Engobemalerei
Grita Götze, Vase „Kapuzinerkresse“, Detail, 2019, Keramik mit Engobemalerei © Grita Götze / Foto: Klaus E. Göltz

Grita Götze and Sonngard Marcks – who studied under Heidi Manthey – master the techniques of faience and slipware painting like few others. The work of all three artists stands out for its imagination, the inventiveness of its motifs and its sensual and poetic expressive force.

In dialogue with the historical ceramics, an entire microcosm of plants, insects, animals and mythical creatures emerges. The exhibition, which comprises some 80 exhibits, is spread across the rooms of the Baroque Schloss Köpenick, inviting visitors to embark on a tour of discovery through the epochs.

A special exhibition of the Kunstgewerbemuseum – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

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