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At the center of the evening FLYING EGGS OF SARAJEVO is Senna, who was born in Germany during the Bosnian War (1992-95) and thus at a time that no one in her family talks about: only the time before the war and the time after exist, the in-between is kept silent. Growing up between two cultures, at the same time part of her family's history and yet always only an observer and belonging to another world,

Senna begins to question and understand as she grows up.

FLYING EGGS OF SARAJEVO is a search, a family research and the question of home, origin and identity.

The evening chooses a very private view of the wars in the former Yugoslavia (1991-2001) and looks at its aftermath and effects from the perspective of a family who fled from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Germany. A total of 350,000 people came to Germany. Most of them returned after the war, about 20,000 people stayed in Germany.

(Program in  German)

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Participating artists
Fabienne Dür (Autor/in)
Senita Huskić (Autor/in)
Fabienne Dür
Senita Huskić
Natalie Mukherjee