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What A Feeling - the Musical

In the 80s, the blockbuster Flashdance made a whole generation dance along. Now the film is finally conquering the musical stages in Europe. Experience world hits, immerse yourself in the lifestyle of the cult decade: let yourself be carried away by the greatest hits - secure tickets now for this unique event.

The Flashdance Musical finally live!
Flashdance enchants everyone in its very own way. Whether the feeling of nostalgia that rises in you, whether dances and choreographies that inspire you: Experience the cult film from the big screen up close and live. This story, this firework of joie de vivre, love and big dreams will give you an unforgettable evening.

80s feeling and cult film forever
More 80s does not go. Flashdance brings the cult decade and its unique charm to the stage as a musical. Storyline, dance moves and music - the modern new production by ShowSlot combines the vibes and the look of the 80s with world hits like "Flashdance - What a Feeling", "Maniac", "Gloria", "Manhunt" and "I Love Rock & Roll". You can't help but dance along.

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What A Feeling!

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