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Co-production Schauspiel Leipzig

Fishing, hair and elderly care. Raphaela Bardutzky interweaves different language worlds in her piece. In the process, this text repeatedly alternates between German, Bavarian and Polish.

Deutsches Theater Aussenansicht
Deutsches Theater Aussenansicht © Arno Declair

The title-giving tongue twister becomes a program here, and yet the author manages to clothe this story about a Polish 24-hour caregiver who moves to the Bavarian province to care for a fisherman named Fritz in a finely woven linguistic garment that speaks of the challenges of caregiving, the conflict between generations, and the precarious working situations in this field.

In memorable images, a tension runs through this piece that keeps building in the seemingly inconspicuous.
Additional information
by Raphaela BardutzkyDirector: Enrico Lübbe
Participating artists
Enrico Lübbe (Regie)
Hugo Gretler (Bühne)
Sabine Blickenstorfer (Kostüme)
Philipp Rumsch (Musik)
Torsten Buß (Dramaturgie)
Matthias Döpke (Dramaturgie)
Amal Keller (FRI)
Julia Preuß (FRA)
Mira Fajfer (P)
Deutsches Theater Berlin - Kammerspiele
Deutsches Theater Berlin - Kammerspiele