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Crime scene: A country house of a long time ago. Year after year, the brewery Charlotte, Cecilia and Clementine spend their summer together with their servant Rudolf. For almost thirty years Rudolf is always at the service of the sisters.

With each of them he spent tender hours, without the knowledge of the others, and each of them had promised to consider him in the will. When he is now asking for a payout, none of the sisters wants to know more about their promise, which prompted Rudolf to threaten his secret.
Not a good idea, find the sisters and bring in arsenic and other deadly means in game ...

FISH TO FOUR is one of the most successful criminal comedies and has lost 40 years after its creation nothing of tempo, language joke and comedy! The great film author Kohlhaase, creator of stories such as "Berlin - Ecke Schönhauser" or "Sommer vor der Balkon", once again proves his flair for gallets and irony spiced dialogues.

(Program in German)

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Participating artists
Wolfgang Rumpf (Regie)
Matti Wien (Regie)
Wolfgang Kohlhaase und Rita Zimmer (Autor/in)
Katrin Martin
Claudia Maria Franck
Alice Macura
Tilman Günther