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Wrap up of the Suelo project by Ela Spalding

To wrap up the Suelo Heizhaus Offerings, at sundown on October 1st, an ancestral fire will be set up to burn clay pieces made with the soil beneath Uferstrasse. Around the fire, visitors are invited to a round of performative storytelling, a mythologised sound and text journey by Moss Beynon Juckes, and live reading from the Suelo Heizhaus residency publication.

Uferstudios © Foto Guido Borgers

An ancestral firing of the pieces that were made in the clay workshops offered in September will take place. There will be 2 hours of firing. With heat, elements found in the ground react with each other, melt together and new colors emerge. It is always a surprising and powerful event to see transformation in action. Around this fire, there will be some live performances by other Suelo Heizhaus contributors and reading from our publication.

In the frame of the Suelo project:

How can we better connect with the places we inhabit and their diverse communities of human and natural beings and elements? Estudio Nuboso’s Suelo (soil) Methodology suggests a way. A series of offerings that emerged from the Suelo Heizhaus residency last Spring will be shared, including histories of place and water, an ecological walk, an interspecies breathing session, making local soil into clay, and reading and sharing around an ancestral fire.
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With Moss Beynon Juckes, Silvia Noronha, Ela Spalding and guests.

Ela Spalding (born in Panama, 1982) is an artist~facilitator exploring the space of art as an elegant conduit to practice and convey expanded notions of ecology and interconnectedness. Her professional background is in film, photography, dance and somatic awareness practices with a keen interest in sound, wellbeing and nature’s processes. She is the founder of Estudio Nuboso - a nomadic platform for art and ecology - for which she has created the Suelo Methodology.

Moss Beynon Juckes is a multidisciplinary dance artist researching oration, dance, performance and musicality, integrating somatic practices of intimacy and voice work to explore embodied politics and neurodiversity.

Silvia Noronha (born 1984 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil) lives and works in Berlin. In her work, Noronha is interested in engaging with material agencies in a collaborative process. She investigates how to observe and allow matter to perform its own existence, in its own rhythm and beyond rational meanings. She incorporates a wide range of substances including earth, stones, clay, glass, electronic waste and plastic in her artistic practice.
Uferstudios: Hof der Uferstudios