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Ika Hügel-Marshall's graphic drawings captivate with intense colours. Abstract design mixes with suns, flowers, rows of trees and houses to form dynamic patterns full of movement - a dance of shapes and colours.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Finissage: Viele Farben zwischen Schwarz und Weiß von Ika Hügel-Marshall
© BEGiNE – Treffpunkt und Kultur für Frauen e.V.

Coloured graphics and a chalk drawing have been published as book covers. Hügel-Marshall uses her work in a variety of ways: including on t-shirts as well as table sets, covers of notebooks and many more.

Ika Hügel-Marshall - artist, author and activist of the Afro-German women's movement sadly passed away unexpectedly on 21.04.22.

  • Concert by Adora Odili
  • Slideshow "Remembering Ika Hügel-Marshall" by JB, Marion Gerlind & Dagmar Schultz

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