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News from the Neuköllner Oper Children's Club for everyone from the age of 10

One day a child is sitting at the boulder on Richardplatz, with a suitcase and a bear next to him. The suitcase is covered with stickers showing the whole world. And the bear shows that it has accompanied the child for a long time and in everything. Someone finds the child, takes it by the hand and takes it to the Neukölln Opera.

The child has lost his memory, he no longer knows his name and what happened. It is called FINDLING for the sake of simplicity. Word quickly gets around that an unknown child has been found. The City Council of Neukölln invites the Neukölln Council of Thinkers to the City Hall to discuss and decide together what should happen with FINDLING. And of course FINDLING should also be heard.

Different people apply that FINDLING should like to live with them and that is not so easy to decide. So FINDLING should try to live in order to find out what it's like in Neukölln, where you can live and what the people are like.
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