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In the House for Poesie, five up-and-coming poets will be presented that evening, representing new lights on the horizon of poetry. Some of them have already published their first works, while others have not yet published their own volume of poetry.

The participating poets are:

Laura Friedrich, whose debut "Little black gloves that turn my organs" was published by poetenladen this year.

Rainer Komers, award-winning documentary filmmaker, whose volume "Worte Fliege Agfa" (open field edition 2018) contains poems that he wrote between 1998 and 2018 during his film work.

Reinhard Lechner, who has already published two volumes of poetry: "Tell me about the Mistral" (edition keiper 2017) and "portraits with giant squid" (edition Melos 2022).

Seda Mimarog˘lu, whose debut Loose Leaves was released on the WANDA label in 2018 and whose poetry has appeared in Love Songs (Blue Figure Press 2021).

Alina Sauernheimer, member of the poetry collective "Fahrten".

During the event, the poets will present their works and give insights into their creative processes in discussions. Alexander Gumz will be the moderator.

(Program in German)
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