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Rosenthal & friends - final chord

Boris Rosenthal's enthusiasm for music is contagious. He taught at the Jewish High School in Berlin for 30 years and accompanied numerous students to music. It was already clear to him as a child that he would become a musician himself.

Growing up in Lviv, his father bought him an accordion at an early age, while his mother insisted that he play the piano. In his youth as a "rebel and rocker", he wanted to learn to play the guitar, but they didn't exist in Galicia at the time, so he converted the Ukrainian instrument Domra into a guitar. Today he is internationally known as the "King of Klezmer".

Together with musical friends he has put together a colourful programme: Contemplative songs of remembrance and swinging ones, jazz and klezmer, arranged in an extremely original way. And each piece ends with a surprising final chord - what comes next?

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