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In 1975, Europe's last fascist dictator died: Francisco Franco. His death cleared the way for a rebellious youth in Spain who had a lot to catch up on. But the exiled fighters from the Spanish Civil War also returned.

In this phase of the so-called transition, the transition from dictatorship to bourgeois democracy, everything seemed possible - even the dream of ending the 1936 revolution.

The film focuses on Franco's opponents: the anarchists and syndicalists. Their organisation, the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT), a crucial factor in Spanish society until Franco's victory, experienced a renaissance. In just two years, an underground organization became a mass movement again.

However, this awakening was not only quickly consumed by internal conflicts, but was also massively sabotaged by interventions by the secret service. »El Entusiasmo« is also the story of a defeat.

The film is interesting from the point of view that the Transición was taken as a model for the upheavals in Eastern Europe a good decade later.

Contemporary witness Felipe Orobón, who was active in the CNT during the Transición, will be present and available for discussion.