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Der Berliner Ausnahme-Artist mit seinem Ein-Mann-Musical

FIL, the friendly neighborhood weirdo, is fulfilling a long-cherished dream this fall: he's performing his second one-man musical he wrote himself. The first one - a rousing, yet depressing portrayal of the doltishly unsuccessful work of Mozart's little sister ("Nannerl - a life in the shadows") was already a gigantic success. And now "Cringe."

"Cringe!" one would like to exclaim. You just want to keep shouting, that's how nice dynamically this musical swings along, Digger. Song follows song, melody slides into rhythm, beat disappears into chorus. Emotions rise like soap bubbles, a cascade of impressions builds up to the brilliant finale, and after that it goes on for another 45 minutes, relatively moderate, free of charge.Perhaps in this musical everything comes together that has made up the previous work of this exceptional artist: crystal-clear perfection, tough empathy and pitiless openness paired with libidinous fidelity to the tear-jerking joke.

"Cringe", that was after all the youth word of some Corona year that didn't happen and who knows what it means, is for sure too young for this show and shouldn't come, sorry.All others though: come in! Take off your clothes, Mesdames et Messieures, enjoy a beer à la bouteille at the bar and then let yourself be enchanted!

Cringe ! ! !

This show is only played in German.

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