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Tabea Zimmermann, JuMu Streichquartett, JuMu Schlagwerkensembles, Neue Kammer Leipzig, Jazzchor Freiburg, Bundesjugendchor , Anne Kohler, Handglockenchor Gotha, Alin Coen, Max Prosa, Julia Hülsmann, Aurel Dawidiuk, Bundesjugendorchester

The German Music Council is celebrating its 70th anniversary and six other important anniversaries. This also includes the 60th anniversary of "Jugend musiziert". In a varied program of the anniversary gala, viewers will have the opportunity to experience young talents, committed amateurs and renowned professionals in action.

Festive concert »70 years of the German Music Council«

From jazz to pop, from the handbell choir to the symphonic orchestra, from modern sounds to traditional choral singing, this extraordinary concert offers an insight into the wide range of the German Music Council.

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Participating artists
Tabea Zimmermann
»Jugend musiziert«-Streichquartett
»Jugend musiziert«-Schlagwerkensembles
Neue Kammer Leipzig
Jazzchor Freiburg
Anne Kohler
Handglockenchor Gotha
Alin Coen
Max Prosa
Julia Hülsmann
Aurel Dawidiuk