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The Stiftung Stadtkultur invites you to "ZusammenZimmern" from 31.08. to 02.09.2023 in the large housing estate Berlin - Neu-Hohenschönhausen. Concerts, dance performances, open air cinema, art installations, exhibitions, workshops for children, young people and adults and much more accompany this festive state of emergency in the large housing estate.

The festival centre is a public room, the "Zimmer für dich" ("Room for you") by the Hamburg planning office projektbüro - an 18 m2 wooden cube that has been offering space for experiments, new encounters, fruitful cooperation or simply everyday things since the beginning of July.

Residents, local initiatives and artists create connections between their often different worlds and the surrounding area with very different uses and actions.

Around this "room for you" in front of the Magic Dance dance school on Wartenberg's Kirchplatz, the festival programme brings together people of different generations and cultures to create new memories together.

Since the beginning of July, the mobile building has been used as a public living room. It offers residents, local initiatives and artists space for experiments, new encounters, fruitful collaborations or simply everyday things.

From 31 August to 2 September 2023, the room will become a festival centre and Hohenschönhausen a stage for three days.

Visitors from near and far are invited to explore the results of this two-month process of community creation and become part of a temporary festival community.

The programme includes
  • Commissioned productions developed or adapted in and for Hohenschönhausen: a parade by the artist duo Reuter & Gass, created with local children,
  • and installations by Guerilla Architects and Alina Mann, which will be realised on and around the surrounding buildings.
  • Temporary accents around the Magic Dance school will be set by a parkour choreography by make a move collective and the pole performance by the dancer FRZNTE, for whom the architectural backdrop of the "Platte" serves as inspiration and stage.
In addition to FRZNTE, who grew up in Lichtenberg, a whole series of artists have their roots in East Berlin.
These include musicians like the trap duo Ostberlin Androgyn, who spent their childhood on Prerower Platz in Hohenschönhausen, and the author Ahne, who will read from his autobiographical novel "Wie ich einmal lebte" ("How I once lived") about growing up in the GDR.

Musically, the programme covers a wide range.
The Berlin rapper Ebow, one of the most exciting representatives of post-migrant, queer rap, who always takes a clear stance in her lyrics, will kick things off. The Hanoi Ensemble of the Lichtenberg Shostakovich Music School will also be performing, playing classical and popular Vietnamese music on traditional instruments.
Good humour will be provided by the singer-songwriter Pohlmann from Hamburg, who tells charmingly authentic stories from everyday life with his German-language lyrics.
The Berlin double bass player Jaspar Libuda, on the other hand, creates complex sound worlds between neoclassicism, film music and soundscapes.

In addition, there are participatory community offerings for all generations, including the "city kitchen" by Miranda Rigby & Paula Erstmann or the circus mobile by the children's circus Cabuwazi.

The large housing estate as a laboratory for social change

ZusammenZimmern. The festival for culture and space in a large housing estate in Berlin-Hohenschönhausen wants to use artistic means to question urban coexistence by testing methods and formats of social interaction.

Looking at our global village, at neighbourhoods and their different ways of life, the question of living together arises. How do neighbourhoods come into being and what is the function of creating together in communities? How can artistic processes initiate encounters in residential neighbourhoods and establish a sense of cohesion?

  • The festival ZusammenZimmern is curated by the Stiftung Stadtkultur in cooperation with Lukas Staudinger from POLIGONAL.

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