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Sat 26th / Sun 27th August 2023 at Schloss- und Gutshof Britz

As a contrast to the exhibition "A100 - Operation Concrete", the Museum Neukölln cordially invites you to decelerate with all your senses, to creative design, mindful movement and suggestions for sustainable (movement) movement.

On Sunday you can immerse yourself in the world of Qi Gong with Dragana Jokic and develop your mobility in body and soul again with Paula Kramer and the Salpuri Theater.

The pantomime Bastian has a green thumb and will enchant the audience non-verbally with his little gardening. Let him invite you to garden together, because he will be more than happy to share his knowledge with you. His lovingly decorated gardener's wagon contains everything a good gardener needs: all kinds of plant seeds, plant pots, potting soil, planting trowels, small shovels and - not to be forgotten - a very special flower sprayer so that the miniature plants don't get a fright when the water rains down on them.

The Berlin travel blogger Tina Hoffmann, who is always trying out new craft ideas for young and old for the online magazine, will be there with a craft stand. Together with Thomas, who as an educator has a lot of patience and humour, she will stimulate the children's creativity. Something new will be created from disposable and natural materials: imaginative clover roll butterflies, cute picture frames made from popsicle sticks, funny egg carton monsters, cute figures made from corks, colourful butterflies made from clothes pegs, little musical works of art made from crown caps and much more. We also fold origami animals, bags or boxes together.

Under the motto: 'Life in the moment', you will learn exciting things about the historical livestock species, which are cared for by the team of the Union Sozialereinrichtungen, from animal keeper Nico Astor on a tour of the manor. Environmental educator Annika Groß invites young and old to her "deceleration meadow" to experience nature on the farm with all your senses (smell, feel, listen, taste). There will be an amazing change of perspective.

The Salpuri Theatre offers the opportunity to DANCE WITH THE BAMBOO: an intensive experience of self-awareness, mindfulness and deceleration. Through radically slow MOVING OF THE BAMBOO, you sense your own movements and postures with the bamboo. A game that, in addition to the experience of being connected, leads you to serenity, lightness and expansiveness: A game that decelerates.
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