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Delicious, healthy, durable food through the magic of nature

Fermenting is an ancient technique for preserving food. and it doesn't always have to be red cabbage - with the right technique, almost all vegetables can be preserved naturally.

Foto von verschiedenen fermentierbaren Gemüsesorten.
Foto von verschiedenen fermentierbaren Gemüsesorten. © Stadtmuseum Berlin | Foto: Thomas Pfützner

In this course, you will learn what happens during fermentation and how we can use it to our benefit. By preparing different vegetables yourself, you will acquire practical and extremely useful knowledge. Vegetables and canning jars will be provided so that you can try out the knowledge you have learned right away and take home the fruits of your labor. Is there a vegetable you've always wanted to pickle? Then bring it along!

Course leader: Ceren Hiç and Devin Toletti
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Meeting point: Checkout

Price info: Entrance fee incl. material and museum entrance fee

Reduced price: €53.00

Booking: Advance ticket sales via our ticket store. Depending on availability, you can also get your ticket online or on site.
Museumsdorf Düppel