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By means of projected holographic effects, we dive into the life of Felix Ganz and his wife Erna, who were confined in a so-called "Judenhaus" (a building designated for Jews) in 1942 and who were only connected to the outside world through letters.

Felix's Room is prison and memory palace at the same time, and with the help of images and music, the couple fill the room with ghosts of exuberant parties and journeys to far-off lands.

In co-operation with ScanLAB Projects (London), led by architect and director Matt Shaw, the author and director Adam Ganz pieces together the story of his great-grandfather Felix from surviving letters.

3D scans and projection technology render Felix’s and Erna’s room and story tangible in installation and music.

This digital-hybrid world premiere was selected by a jury from among more than 300 international applications.
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Participating artists
Veit Schubert
ScanLAB Projects ScanLAB Projects
Christoph Breidler
Tonia Ko
Benjamin Grant
Julia Jordà Stoppelhaar
Adam Ganz