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How long the fans, the world had to wait for a new musical sign of life from Leslie Feist! Once again, six years passed between two albums by the singer. But in April, the long-awaited masterpiece "Multitudes" was finally released.

The record took shape shortly after two drastic experiences for the Canadian: the birth of her daughter and the sudden death of her father. Feist decided to stop kidding herself. She didn't want to obscure any more truths in her songwriting and instead let the tracks be rooted in a strong realism touched by an otherworldly beauty.
"Multitudes" exudes a greater calm than its successful predecessors, the international breakthrough album "The Reminder", the Polaris Prize-winning "Metals" and the rockier "Pleasure". 

Over the course of its 12 songs, "Multitudes" confirms Feist's ability to construct elaborate soundscapes by pursuing her unique songwriting to its most poetic and untamed expression.

Success was immediate, with both critics and fans celebrating the album.

In late summer, Feist comes to Berlin with the new tracks.

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