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The Canadian Leslie Feist is a musician like no other. Because nobody else manages to be as commercially successful with such unconventional, always surprising music and at the same time to be deeply admired by the specialist press and the worldwide arts pages.

The fans had to wait a long time for a new musical sign of life from Leslie Feist! Again, six years passed between the singer's two albums. But in April the long-awaited masterpiece "Multitudes" finally appeared.

"Multitudes" exudes a greater calm than its successful predecessors such as international breakthrough album "The Reminder", Polaris Prize-winning "Metals" and the rockier "Pleasure". Throughout its twelve songs, "Multitudes" demonstrates Feist's ability to construct elaborate sonic worlds, pursuing her unique songwriting to its most poetic and untamed expression. Critics and fans celebrate the album.

Feist is coming to Berlin with the new tracks in late summer. So you can look forward to a concert that you won't soon forget - because experiencing Feist live is a rare and unique pleasure.

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