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Fairy Tales and Myths Tour

For their new tour and CD FAUN have spent more than three years grappling with local fairy tales. Especially the magical and pagan elements of these fairy tales were musically brought to life. In conjunction with an elaborate light show and stage scenery, medieval and Celtic instruments meet mystical soundscapes on this tour.

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Romantic ballads with harp and lute as well as archaic dances with bagpipe and hurdy-gurdy sound. This unique stage spectacle will be performed in twelve particularly atmospheric and seated concert halls and only twelve times in Germany. They will be accompanied by the alchemist and (Guinness World Record) contact juggler "Kelvin Kalvus" of the many from television (for example, The Supertalent) will be known.

Worldwide sold-out tours have proven that FAUN are an absolute exception among the live acts whose magic opens the door to magical worlds.

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