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FATIHMORGANA is an invitation to a change of perspective. Welcome to the brave new world of alternative facts. When the world goes crazy and falls into fear and hysteria, it needs someone to set it straight again.

Fatih Çevikkollu
Fatih Çevikkollu © Stefan Mager

Fatih Çevikkollu dedicates his sixth solo program to appearance and being. The news and the fake news. To zeros and ones. Is the whole world moving to the right? Are we being Islamized? What will digitalization do to us? Çevikkollu calls into the chambers and sticks the needle into the bubbles.

The division between nationals and foreigners was yesterday. Today we distinguish between digital natives and digital migrants.There is more access to the net worldwide than to toilets. So it is easier to go online than to the toilet. But who will save us from the shitstorm?

FATIHMORGANA - Nothing is what it seems!

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(Program in German)

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