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Greenshowroom, Berlin 2017
Greenshowroom, Berlin 2017 © privat

Fast Fashion

An exhibition of the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg in cooperation with the Museum of European Cultures - Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

The exhibition "Fast Fashion. The dark sides of fashion" takes a critical look behind the scenes of glamorous fashion.


Museum Europäischer Kulturen

Arnimallee 25 14195  Berlin

It moves in the magical triangle of consumption, economy and ecology and sheds light on these themes under the following aspects: Fashion & Victims; Lack & Abundance; Global & Local; Wage & Profit; Clothing & Chemistry; Clothing & Ecological Backpack.

The second part of the exhibition still to be developed is the "Laboratory". Here, under the heading "Slow Fashion", new possibilities for sustainable clothing production are presented, such as new fibres and technologies as well as new design approaches for recycling, upcycling or zero waste. The "laboratory" shows what the ethically justifiable wardrobe of tomorrow could look like.

In accordance with the basic concept, this is implemented in the MEK with the help of local, i.e. Berlin actors and designed separately. Fast Fashion is the first exhibition to deal comprehensively, differentiatedly and critically with the circulatory system of clothing. Methodologically, it brings together for the first time a wide variety of experts from theory and practice who deal with ecological, economic, ethical, social and creative aspects and ultimately ask the question: What power does the consumer have?

The exhibition bundles the current discussions on this complex topic and translates them into a comprehensible visual order. Fashion is a social regulatory system of its own kind and is regarded as a pacemaker of social change. Against this backdrop, the project aims to encourage a more committed engagement with the themes of fashion and consumption and the socio-economic and ecological consequences.

In order to increase the perceptibility of the project, the cooperation and presentation of exhibition parts at other, centrally located locations such as the Museum of Decorative Arts and the CLB Berlin Collaboratorium is strived for. This also includes networking with the formats already established in Berlin for the Green Fashion_ Project Future. In addition, the scientific dialogue on this important topic concerning our future is to be anchored in the form of individual events and a conference, among other things in cooperation with the European Academy Berlin.

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