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In collaboration with ROBE, SO/ Berlin Das Stue invites you to shop just in time for Fashion Week. Fashion enthusiasts can find first-class, high-quality first and second-hand pieces here.

On offer are looks from the SO/ Berlin Das Stue fashion squad, such as Marina the Moss, Celine Bethmann, Lindiwe Suttle, Sibel Brozat, Nina Schims, Couple Densant, Konstantinos the Stylist, Sumo Curated, Maijuni Cosmetics and many more.

Special highlights among the sellers are:

  • Guido Maria Kretschmer Couture,
  • Ivana Vladislava,
  • The Room Berlin
  • and Fashion Fou Vintage.

More highlights:

  • Music by POP sensation and podcaster Robin Solf
  • Free massage and facials with Spa by Susanne Kaufmann

Additional information
Ticket: 5EUR