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5th Berlin Festival of Religions

Around 30 religious and cultural communities from all over Berlin will be taking part with a colourful musical stage programme, a market of diversity, workshops, children's activities.... Admission is free!

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Faiths In Tune
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The Faiths In Tune - 5th Berlin Festival of Religions takes place on the 28th of September 2022 at the ufaFabrik Berlin and includes

  • a full - day music festival, where artists of various cultural and religious backgrounds present their music and dance on a big stage
  • a market of Diversity, where festivalgoers get to know Berlin's religious communities and interfaith initiatives and get information about their traditions, activities and work
  • interactive workshops where spiritual music, song, dance and meditation can be tried for themselves
  • inspiring knowledge and art exhibitions Themes Religion and interreligious coexistence
  • an interactive learning and play area for children with children's exhibitions
  • various food offers with food from the Middle East, Asia and Latin America

Faiths In Tune celebrates the religious diversity and the multicultural and pluralistic character of Berlin and promotes the dialogue and reiteration between people of different religious and cultural identities.

Visitors not only have the opportunity to enjoy music, dance and meditation of different religions - in the audience or close up in the workshop - but also get in contact with representatives of large and small communities, more about the different religious groups in Berlin and find out about opportunities for social and social engagement in Berlin.
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