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Curious eyes, gnawing mouths, dancing eyebrows and elbows look at you questioningly from small holes. Who and what can people be? And aren't we often one or two and many at the same time? How can people transform themselves through their movement alone? With these questions we dive into a world of the fabulous. A swarm swirls through the air and lands gently. Many-legged creatures hop tumbling past and cheeky figures dance in circles.

Starting with a handshake, the two dancers Veronika Heisig and Manuel Lindner merge into ever-changing creatures. They bob up and down between being human and being human. In their search for forms and bodies, there are always new powers and abilities, but also challenges to explore.

Fabulous invites you to discover little things and experience the transformations with curiosity. There is space to lean back, close your eyes, dream and then vibrate again, animated by the chaotic beats.

After the performance, a moving aftermath with the two dancers, duration: 20 minutes
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