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Over the past 11 months, the 11 participants in the f³–MASTERCLASS PORTRÄT have dealt intensively with the photographic depiction of people. What does it mean to meet a person with a camera, what can you tell about them through photography, how does the relationship and image of the person change when you meet them again and again.

In 11 very different stories they immerse themselves in strange worlds in which they find themselves and discover the unexpected in familiar worlds. Some photographers allow a very personal insight into their world and others take you on their research trip. And big themes are always discussed: faith, love, loneliness, origins, the long journey to oneself, lightness and pleasure.

With works by: Lotte Agger, Sandra Buschow, Francesco Giordano, Klaus Heymach, Silke Jacobsen, Karin Kutter, Jörg Meier, Michael O’Ryan, Helen Stevens, Antya Umstätter, Tara Wolff.

Management: Sibylle Fendt
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Reduced price info: Reduced tickets and free admission are available on presentation of the relevant ID:

Children up to 12 years free admission

Pupils, students

Participants in the federal voluntary service, voluntary social year

Unemployed persons, recipients of Hartz IV or basic income support, berlinpass holders

Severely handicapped persons (at least 50 per cent MdE)

Journalists are only admitted free of charge after prior accreditation.

Guided tours for groups are possible by prior arrangement with us. Please send an e-mail with your preferred date