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Since 2017, Alexander Kluge and his TV program development company have been making a regular contribution to the Volksbühne program with Im Auge der Libelle. Im Auge der Libelle is a web series.

Berliner Fernsehturm vor blauem Himmel
Berliner Fernsehturm vor blauem Himmel © tanja dickert,

A new episode is presented every Friday. Im Auge der Libelle represents a new constellation in Kluge's moving image world, exploring the relationships between art and history, science and culture, geopolitics and fiction.

Im Auge der Libelle has no archive: each episode can be seen on the Volksbühne website for one week and is replaced by a new one the following week. Im Auge der Libelle bridges the various facets of Volksbühne's cultural life - one looking to the past, one looking to the future. Author and filmmaker Alexander Kluge is one of Germany's leading intellectual voices. His research and practice revolve around film, literature, social theory, film theory, television programming, and political activism on various cultural fronts.

  • Concept, Director: Alexander Kluge
  • Produced by: dctp TV, Düsseldorf
  • Curated by: Atelier Impopulaire
(Program in German)
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