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„The End“

Explosions In The Sky have been on the road for over twenty years. The four musicians - guitarists Munaf Rayani, Mark Smith and Michael James (bass and guitar) and drummer Chris Hrasky - release instrumental-only albums.

Explosions In The Sky characterize themselves as a rock band, no matter what genres and styles are attributed to them, and have found from the start that none of them can sing. That's why they are often categorized under Prog Rock. Their melodies, which are romantic and tragic, can erupt brilliantly. This has rightfully earned them a reputation as one of the most intense live bands of all time. Their sound turns out to be exactly the fireworks as their name suggests.

Their milestone album The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place, which showcased their musical vision, was released 20 years ago. On five tracks, none under eight minutes long, they gave themselves all the time and opportunity to present their sound in widescreen and tell stories without words. Almost as a matter of course, one might say, the Texans also work on soundtracks and their pieces are used in documentaries or films.

Explosions In The Sky can coagulate thoughts, feelings, hunches and ideas into musical images. In the summer they tour the US for the anniversary of the record, and in November they come to Berlin as part of their “The End” tour.

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