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An intercultural concert performance with Gregorian chant, compositions by Hildegard von Bingen and Sufi poetry by Rabia von Basra

The Berlin ensemble VOX NOSTRA, which specializes in vocal music of the Middle Ages and is directed by Burkard Wehner, presents a concert in collaboration with Rasha Ragab (recitation and performance), Normisa Pereira da Silva (bass flute) and Christoph Nicolaus (stone harp). the Zion Church in Berlin-Mitte.

The concert program is dedicated to the theme of love for creation and combines Gregorian chants from the 10th century with the compositions of Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) and the profound Sufi poetry in Arabic by Rabia of Basra from the 9th century.

The sound world of this concert is characterized by a deep inwardness and a meditative calm. Singing, flutes, spoken words, water performances and the stone harp complement each other and form a harmonious unity in a contemplative atmosphere.

The stone harps are unusual instruments in which specially cut stone blocks are made to sound with wet hands. This creates deeply felt, spherical sounds with rich overtones and a wide tonal spectrum.

The concert's visual design is inspired by flowing forms, including the compositions of Hildegard von Bingen, the psalmic chants of the monasteries, the Song of Songs of Love, the poetic power of Sufi poems and the extraordinary sounds of stone harps. Human breathing serves as a pacesetter for articulation and expression.

Movements and placement in space help give the place itself a unique voice. The program of each concert performance is designed according to the room dimensions, the lighting and acoustic properties of the venue, as well as its unique atmosphere and history.