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Paris, 1935: a pulsating metropolis in the middle of Europe. A city that became a place of exile for thousands who had to leave Germany after the National Socialists took power in 1933. The largest and most costly war in human history was still unimaginably four years in the future. But the appointment of Adolf Hitler as Reich Chancellor in 1933 already marked the end of parliamentary democracy and the beginning of a dictatorship. Lion Feuchtwanger, the son of a Jewish factory owner, was one of the first to recognize the dangers posed by Hitler and his party as early as the 1920s.

Berliner Ensemble, Außenansicht
Berliner Ensemble, Außenansicht © Monika Rittershaus

In his Wartesaal trilogy, the last part of which, Exile, he finished shortly before the outbreak of World War II, he succeeds in bringing this "time of waiting" to life - for those born later, who would not be able to understand why most remained inactive and even those "who had correct insights lived along so strangely and incomprehensibly" while the violence of National Socialist rule became ever more concrete.

Feuchtwanger describes people who all struggle with the question of what it means to do "the right thing" in this situation. These are stories of careerism, opportunism, oppression, moral courage, love and betrayal. What is "the right thing to do?" And what is one willing to risk for it?


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Participating artists
von Lion Feuchtwanger (Autor/in)
Oliver Kraushaar (Sepp Trautwein)
Pauline Knof (Anna Trautwein)
Jonathan Kempf (Hanns Trautwein)
Nina Bruns (Erna Redlich)
Peter Moltzen (Walther Reichsfreiherr von Gehrke („Spitzi“), u.a.)
Marc Oliver Schulze (Erich Wiesener)
Luana Velis (Maria Hegner)
Constanze Becker (Lea de Chassefiere)
Paul Zichner (Raoul de Chassefiere)
Paul Herwig (Franz Heilbrun / Leonhard Riemann)
Gerrit Jansen (Louis Gingold)
Martin Rentzsch (Konrad Heydebregg, u.a.)
Lili Epy (Ilse Benjamin / Charlotte Bittner)
Luk Perceval
Anette Kurz
Emmanuelle Bischoff
Ilse Vandenbussche
Rainer Süßmilch
Jannes Noorman
Ted Stoffer
Rainer Casper
Sibylle Baschung
Berliner Ensemble: Großes Haus
Berliner Ensemble: Großes Haus
Berliner Ensemble: Großes Haus