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With Aristide Antonas and Adam Szymczyk

In conjunction with the solo exhibition by Aristide Antonas, The Pulp of Things, the artist will devote a conversation with Adam Szymczyk (Artistic Director documenta 14, Athens and Kassel, 2017; Verein by Association, Zurich) to the current transformation of urban infrastructures. Given the rapid gentrification of urban spaces and the increasingly dense network of online retailers, delivery services, and co-working facilities, Antonas and Szymczyk discuss the implications for urban planning, architecture, and social interaction.

The concept of urban housing as an “autonomous cell” that Antonas articulates in his exhibition serves as the starting point for scrutinizing the current tension between isolation and connectivity and how an increasingly privatized infrastructure relates to Western narratives of voluntary withdrawal.

With Aristide Antonas (architect, philosopher, writer, and visual artist, Athens and Berlin) and Adam Szymczyk (Artistic Director documenta 14, Athens and Kassel, 2017; Verein by Association, Zurich)

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