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The Prenzlauer Berg before, during, and after the fall of the wall. Distributed on an area of about 100m2 the continuities and discontinuities in East Germany compared to before and after the reunification are evident in concrete examples in the seven locations in Prenzlauer Berg:

Ausstellung: Gegenentwürfe
Ausstellung: Gegenentwürfe © tic, Foto: Carmen Hinojosa

Opposition to socialism (Gethsemanekirche), usage of free space (Rykestraße and Kollwitzplatz), economy and everyday life (the VEB Treffmodelle Greifswalder Straße 212), power and powerlessness (the Council of the district  and the district of Prenzlauer Berg in the Fröbelstrasse), the houses, the people and the change (Helmholtzplatz) and socialistic city planning (Ernst-Thälmann-Park).
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