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Every year millions of people all around the world are driven out of their homes. Financial powers and political interests try to procure private spaces for their purposes. At the same time conflicts about public space are also cropping up.

Societies ask themselves who these spaces belong to and what strategies for joint use can be employed. Eviction is a docu-choreographic work and a demonstration, a »pre-enactment« of forms of political resistance which demand their spaces be returned in future conflicts.

The piece premiered at the Israel Festival, Jerusalem in September 2022.

By Omer Krieger Project management Lianne Mol & Yael Sherill, Curatorial Collective for Public Art Dramaturgy Yael Sherill Rehearsel management / Choreography assistence Tomer Zirkilevich Stagedesign Franz Thöricht & Jascha Kretschmann Sound-Design Binya Reches Production management Uwe & Silke Buhrdorf, Die Wellenmaschine Procet administration Lianne Mol Team of the first issue Yael Cohen, Itay Doron, Shani Granot Israel Festival Artistic Direction Itay Mautner & Michal Vaknin

Eviction is a project by Omer Krieger, produced by the Curatorial Collective for Public Art, and presented at the Maxim Gorki Theatre. The Berlin edition is supported by the National Performance Network – Stepping Out, and its mediation programme by the Federal Agency for Civic Education.
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