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The town of Kolbuszowa, located about 150 kilometers east of Krakow, was home to around 2,500 Jewish residents before the German invasion of Poland. After expulsion and ghettoization, the Germans began deporting the residents to the Belzec murder camp on July 7, 1942.

Between March and December 1942, around 450,000 Jews were murdered in the gas chambers as part of “Aktion Reinhardt”. Each of these 450,000 victims had their own life story, a family, hopes, wishes and plans.

On the occasion of the 82nd anniversary of the start of “Aktion Reinhardt” in the Bełżec murder camp, the exhibition “Every Victim Has a Name” is presented.

This exhibition shows some of these people with biographical sketches and photographs and reminds us of their fate.

The exhibition is accompanied by a four-part series of events.