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»How I succeeded, how I could ever actually  succeed in pulling myself out of the misery and  insanity of my family, out of those depths that  couldn’t be any deeper or more abysmal or miserable,  and managed to become a halfway normal  person, I was never able to fathom.«  The story begins with a dark brown woollen sweater.

The first-person narrator Christian Kracht buys it in Zurich in Parade Square, at a  stall selling hand-knitted items. Later, back at his  hotel, he finds a brochure in the shopping bag –  the knitting commune is in the same place as he was born. And so he and his eccentric, gravely  ill mother set off on one last road trip together. 

With a taxi and 600,000 francs, plenty of vodka  and sleeping pills, a Zimmer frame and a colostomy  bag, they head into the Swiss Alps and simultaneously  on a journey into their own family  history – a history shaped by a glamorous jet set,  Nazi past, abuse, sickness and addiction. The encounter  between mother and son curdles into a  shared – but also, frequently competing – act of  remembrance. What should be brought back to  life and revealed? What should remain unspoken,  forgotten and repressed? 

In his first production at the Schaubühne, Jan Bosse is adapting Christian Kracht’s latest novel  for the stage as a two-hander with Joachim Meyerhoff  and Angela Winkler in the leading roles.

140 minutes Without intermission

(Program in German)
Additional information
Participating artists
Jan Bosse (Regie)
Bettina Ehrlich (Dramaturgie)
Arno Kraehahn (Musik)
Stéphane Laimé (Bühne)
Kathrin Plath (Kostüme)
Erich Schneider (Licht)
Amalia Starikow (Mitarbeit Regie)
Christian Tschirner (Dramaturgie)
Joachim Meyerhoff (Mit)
Angela Winkler (Mit)