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Europas Grenz-Werte: Vom Mauerfall bis Corona

Open air special exhibition in the memorial area

On 13 June 1990, the systematic dismantling of the Berlin Wall began on Bernauer Strasse. One of the most symbolic border systems in the world disappeared from the cityscape after it had lost its function. The Berlin Wall Foundation is taking the anniversary as an opportunity to look at Europe's borders from the fall of the Wall to Corona.

Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer

Bernauer Straße 111 13355  Berlin

The dismantling of the Iron Curtain gave rise to great hopes for a united, prosperous and borderless Europe. These expectations were only partially fulfilled. Although the system boundaries of the Cold War disappeared, we have been witnessing the return of fences for some years now.

New border installations secure the external borders, refugees die at the border in the Mediterranean and new borders are created in times of pandemic.

Against the background of the experience of division, the special exhibition with documentary photos asks about Europe's borders and Europe's values today. With large picture and text panels, it follows a concept suitable for corona.

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