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No power for nobody or all power for the councils? “Everyone is talking about councils, let’s try them!” Hardly any other demand provokes reactionaries and neoliberals as much as the demand from climate protection activists for a “social council”. Such councils have long been a reality in many countries, e.g. B. in case law. Trade unions are also calling for “transformation councils”.

Various municipalities have already introduced them. Was Georg Lukács right when he predicted in his last interview: “The council system is inevitable”. Is it the “political form finally discovered” (Marx)? Or an analogue to the “participation trap” on the Internet?

The question can hardly be answered theoretically. So you try it out in practice: After an input from Klaus Dörre (Utopia of Socialism), Gesine Schwan, Hans-Jürgen Urban, Carola Rackete, Sabine Nuss, Raul Zelik, Sabine Hark, Maike Weißpflug, Aimée van Balen, representatives of Deutsche Wohnen & Co. expropriate, among other things. Together with participants drawn from the audience, we discuss: what to do?

They are accompanied musically and literaryally by Erich Mühsam and the band Der singinge Tres, who play the MÜHSAMBLUES - a mix of styles of jazz, chanson and punk: “You dogs are worth it!”

  • Curation: Alexander Karschnia
  • Guests: Klaus Dörre, Gesine Schwan, Hans-Jürgen Urban, Sabine Nuss, Maike Weißpflug, Sabine Hark, Carola Rackete, Raul Zelik, Debora Darabi, Aimée van Balen (Last Generation), Deutsche Wohnen & Co. expropriate
  • Moderation: Alexander Karschnia + Margarita Tsomou
  • Language: German

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