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Trinidad González / Teatro Anónimo

A late-night foray through a city marked by intolerance and violence. Three people set out to capture the hidden evil in a bottle. “Espíritu” (“Spirit”) reflects the unease that haunts contemporary society, calling for political action from a poetic perspective.

“Theatre is our trench in which we speak to the public and to ourselves. It is our vital need today to say: less consumption, more life, less obsessive work to fulfil obsessive goals,” says Trinidad González.

The celebrated actress, playwright and director also wrote the text for “Espíritu”, directed it, and plays a part in it herself. Since 2018, her company Teatro Anónimo from Chile has been creating plays that make a political statement against the prevailing consumerism and take the audience on a journey with humour, live music, and surprising changes in tempo.

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Additional information
Production: Teatro Anónimo. Co-production: HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Teatro a Mil Foundation.

With German and English surtitles /  Spanish /
Participating artists
Trinidad González (Text und Regie)
Matteo Citarella (Mit)
Tomás González (Mit)
Trinidad González (Mit)
Tomás González (Musik)
Nicole Needham (Lichtdesign)
Teator Anónimo (Bühne und Kostüme)
Katy Cabezas (Produktion)
Horacio Pérez (Tourmanagement)