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It's that time again: Frieda Braun brings freshly experienced and freely invented things onto the stage.

Frieda Braun
Frieda Braun © Britta Schüssling

With "First take a deep breath" the popular sourlander presents her 9th solo program. As always, the jungle of human feelings and interpersonal relationships forms the wildly proliferating terrain on which her stories shoot into the weeds.

Legendary: Frieda's resourceful "splinter group" Your life is messy? You argue a lot? You hardly sleep? Help is at hand in the form of Frieda and her splinter group; all of them women with creaky characters that could have come from the famous Miss Marple films with Margaret Rutherford.

The unworldly Thekla, the meticulous Mia, the robust Brunhild - they have put together tried and tested principles for more structure in everyday life. And lo and behold: We suddenly have to laugh heartily about the often annoying contradictions of our existence. For a whole evening.

"Have you ever heard...?" -when Frieda Braun begins a sentence with this question, the audience knows: Now follows an everyday observation that almost everyone knows, but hardly anyone stages it as ludicrously as this droll, lovable cabaret stage character. She masters the art of oddly exaggerating the familiar and bringing the unconscious to the surface in an irresistibly funny way.

Frieda Braun not only captivates her audience, but also many critics. The press writes: "Unique overall composition of text, facial expressions and movement", and one female spectator sums it up in three words: "Meerkat on Ecstasy!"Excited like a hen, quick as a weasel, shy as a hare - Frieda also shows all facets of her acting skills in "First take a deep breath!

Frieda Braun is further honedFrieda Braun is a regular guest at the WDR Ladies Night and has long since escaped the insider tip niche: she fills large halls and is now probably one of the most successful cabaret stage figures in the country. Frieda is constantly being developed further by cabaret artist Karin Berkenkopf in collaboration with Belgian stage artist Joseph Collard.

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