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Enna, a Berlin-based singer and songwriter, was shaped during her youth by the diverse influences she gathered while traveling across Europe. Music has always played an important part in her life, beginning with a strong interest in Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and various operas.

At the age of 14 she started writing her first songs. In the process, songwriting became a way for her to process personal conflicts. Over time, she stayed true to this means of expression and used it as a tool to express her feelings and thoughts in a simple way - just being herself!

a:solo, who has usually been in the background as a drummer, percussionist and cajón player in various projects, bands and ensembles for decades and accompanies singer-songwriters and other musicians, has nevertheless not stopped writing his own pop and acoustic rock songs. a:solo has put together a full hour full of melodies and riffs from his personal favourites. His songs are about life and love, true stories as well as made-up stories that have the potential to become real dreams, waiting for people to hear and feel them.

a:solo sings an entertaining, sometimes ironic "pro-pound" of previously unheard music. He accompanies himself percussively in this a-solistic formation, always according to the motto: "Who am I and if so, how many please?"...