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Staged Concert by Nico and the Navigators

"A part of that power which is ever scheming evil...": In "Empathy for the Devil", Nico and the Navigators challenge the common, purely negative perception and representation of the diabolical. Their staged concert not only examines the causes and origins of evil, but also questions the necessity of such a construction, without which good might be unthinkable.


Created to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the world premiere of Carl Maria von Weber's opera "Freischütz" at the Berlin Konzerthaus in 2021, the concert also shines the spotlight on the pact with the "black huntsman", Samiel, and takes place again at Radialsystem in December 2022.

Baroque and contemporary compositions, opera arias and pop songs all make up an evening in which the obsession and the bafflement of evil are negotiated through many facets – an encounter with the Devil, who in the end perhaps involuntarily "eternally produceth good"?

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Additional information
A production by Nico and the Navigators, funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe. In co-production with Konzerthaus Berlin and in cooperation with Radialsystem.

Media partners: taz. die tageszeitung, tip Berlin, ExBerliner and Rausgegangen.
Participating artists
Nicola Hümpel (Künstlerische Leitung und Kostüme)
Tobias Weber (Musikalische Leitung und Arrangements)
Jonathan Stockhammer (Musikalische Beratung)
Oliver Proske (Bühne)
Andreas Fuchs (Lichtdesign)
Torsten Podraza (Licht)
Hendrik Fritze, Sophie Krause (Video)
Andreas Hillger (Dramaturgie)
Max Koch (Künstlerische Mitarbeit)
Sonja Winkler (Bühnenbildassistenz)
Marie Akoury (Kostümassistenz)
Talea Nuxoll, Franziska Huhn, Leonie Schirra (Produktion)
André Morsch, Nikolay Borchev (Bariton)
Peyee Chen, Annadoris Capitelli (Mezzosopran)
Ted Schmitz (Tenor)
Florian Graul (Tanz und Choreografie)
Martin Clausen (Schauspiel)
Matan Porat (Piano, Cembalo und Keyboard)
Tobias Weber (E-Gitarre und Saiteninstrumente)
Jonathan Stockhammer (E-Bass)
Elfa Rún-Kristinsdóttir , Wolke Mišewitch (Violine)
Paul Hübner (Trompete)
Philipp Kullen (Schlagzeug und Perkussion)
Annedore Kleist (Textmitarbeit)
Radialsystem V
Radialsystem V
Radialsystem V
Radialsystem V