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a piece of theater by Christina Berger

Christina Berger, Patrick Wengenroth and Matze Kloppe are sitting at the kitchen table with the crisis and invite the audience to sit down. The kitchen is the scene of this musical expedition into the diversity of emotional states, because this is where the most honest conversations and the worst arguments have always taken place.

Would you like another coffee or would you prefer a glass of wine? Or would you prefer a whole bottle? And then we talk about everything: About Ulli's death, the bathroom trash can that is always full and why Ernie always sends brown hearts via text message. And why is the drain clogged again even though I only used the plunger yesterday?

In this context, the theater – similar to the Greek Agora – appears to be the ideal place to venture into the crises of the present together and to show oneself and the audience who one is. The central work collective researches possibilities of liberation from individual and collective armoring: thinking and feeling, speaking and singing, laughing and crying, live and in the flesh. bam!

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