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Kurze Geschichten zu weiten Reisen

Elke Heidenreich has traveled endlessly in her life: from Florence to China, from Berlin to America, and everywhere she has looked around. Nowhere, however, has she followed well-trodden paths, nowhere has she found only what is in the travel guides.

Portrait Elke Heidenreich
Portrait Elke Heidenreich © privat

No, she has made her own way, has made discoveries that only she could make, has loved above all those places that could give her something very special, something new: a special street, a special food, and once a dog just messes up a city like Florence. And everywhere she feels the same insatiable curiosity for people in foreign countries and cities.

A wonderful journey of discovery! Books are the common thread in Elke Heidenreich's life: "I can live without television, but not without books."

(Program in German)

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