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cultural transfer 500 years ago

The Grunewald hunting lodge is the oldest surviving Hohenzollern castle in the Mark Brandenburg. Elector Joachim II had it built in 1542/43 as a hunting lodge at Grunewaldsee.

A few years earlier, he had given two orders to the Cranach workshop in Wittenberg, Electoral Saxony, to furnish the new collegiate and cathedral church and the Berlin Palace.

The master builders who led the expansion and conversion of the Berlin Palace in the style of the early Renaissance also came from Electoral Saxony. The Saxon master builder Konrad Krebs drew up the drafts for the conversion of the Berlin Palace. In his entourage was Caspar Theyß, who took over the construction management at the Berlin Palace and was probably also responsible for the construction of the hunting lodge at Grunewaldsee.

Of the 14 original altars from the Cranach workshop, nine central panels have been preserved and are on display in the Grunewald hunting lodge together with other Cranach paintings.

Castle area manager Kathrin Külow (SPSG) leads through the exhibition and shows how Saxon know-how influenced and changed life in Brandenburg.

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