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Slow Art Day at the Altes Museum: With plenty of time, we calmly and playfully enter into a dialogue with an object. During the decelerated contemplation, we enter into a relationship with the work, collect associations and learn something about our own inner images.

The prerequisite for participation in this workshop is curiosity and goodwill towards oneself.
It includes a short guided relaxation exercise, a dialogue-based contemplation of the work, an artistic creation and an in-depth discussion in the group.

The workshop will be led by art therapists Naira Bloss and Ulla Utasch.

Information on the international Slow Art Day:
Additional information
Meeting point: foyer

Price info: Teilnahmegebühr inkl. Eintritt: 15 EuroTeilnahmegebühr mit gültigem Eintrittsticket (Jahreskarte, Förderverein, ICOM etc.), Anspruch auf Ermäßigung oder freien Eintritt: 10 Euro

Booking: booking/prior registration essential