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Collect – luck(s) – case – piece – work – look – pleasure | Objects – photography – painting

In 'simply' the collecting of chicken gods and feathers is given a value and is seen as a showcase of process-based, biographical memory work. This procedure shows the forensics according to luck and uses this investigation in an open code to choose something from the everyday chaos, the overwhelming abundance of the material world, to determine something special that needs to be taken with you and kept.

The artistic strategy of collecting: Collecting is as old as human history. Everyone collects in open codes, which gives each collection a very personal touch. Collecting always implies selecting, arranging and archiving, but also presenting. The joy of discovering and comparing represents an almost child-like, playful approach to memory work. This builds bridges that incorporate the individuality of personality development. About sky frogs, Icarus and little angels Icarus as the epitome of freedom, the desire to fly and grow beyond oneself.

Many viewers are more likely to recognize angelic figures and this ambiguity of perception simultaneously raises the question: “Am I flying towards curiosity or am I going back to earth?” says Claudia Sawallisch. This results in aspects such as willingness to take risks, self-assessment and resilience factors, which can be essential for getting back up again. “Claudia Sawallisch’s characters are an initial wake-up call to follow your soul. What if nothing less than our souls... are actual messengers from heaven? Ready to discover your own core and awaken the light in others? What if we are just here to realize our own divinity every day?

To understand ourselves as part of the whole?”, (Jeannette Hagen, journalist)

Workshop Systemic Constellation on the Topic of Money

Do you have what you think you deserve in your account? Systemic structural constellations are a good and effective method of approaching the topic of “money”, among other things. They are an offer to clarify and understand your own individual financial relationship and the associated emotional connections. An easy, carefree handling of money can arise from a clarified financial relationship.

Sat, 11/25/23, start 3 p.m. - end 6 p.m Costs for participants: Euro 25,- | with concerns: Euro 75,-
Contact: Claudia Sawallisch