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gespenster des totaliautaripostkommupseudoeurasiismus

»The problem isn’t that humans live in a world of absurdity and pain; the problem is that we try to convince ourselves otherwise.« (Stanislav Aseyev)

Why does a human, who can think, subject their fellow humans to isolation, torture and humiliation? Can someone who thinks freely do something like that to someone else? Can I really think freely and, if so, who else can? Marina Frenk and the band The Disappointalists go on a sonic inner journey into the »ideas« of the totaliautaripostcommupseudoeurasistic region.

How is a »New World« imagining itself in Eastern European countries and in Russia as well, in view of a »Russian World«, in which, according to the right-wing philosopher Alexander Dugin, »there is nothing universal about universal human rights«?

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